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Second Floor is a restaurant, which is called Malulo Restaurant, where we serve breakfast as well as serve variety menu and it is available for 100 people. We also provide a live music in a special event by request. Malulo is one of a traditional dance from Southeast Sulawesi. It is different from other Southeast Sulawesi dance, because it is famous as a socialize dance, where both dancers and guest could participate. It starts by making a circle and the circle will get bigger, as the more people join the dance, the bigger it is. When the circle has completed the room, then others can join by making a new circle inside. It is continued until it makes layers. It is often showed every Sunday and holiday, where took place in one of ballroom in the castle.

Available throughout the day, our cafe are rich in the aromas and tastes of Indonesian cuisine, such as Timbel Rice,Tutuk Oncom Rice, etc..and Western cuisine such as Spaghetti Bolognaise, Sirloin Steak, etc. Every morning, you will enjoy the best breakfast buffet, freshly brewed coffee and home made pastries greet early birds for a healthy and refreshing start to the day. Indulge cool evenings surrounded with water, complete with delicious and tempting traditional and international cuisine, while reclining in our comfortable rotan chairs sharing more with your kids.