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Wonder at Indonesian Traditional Houses luxury on 3 hectars of direct manmade lakefront. The natural beauty surrounding the resort includes Guntur Mountain, which is famous with sulphur hot water, Putri Mountain, and Green Mountain. The temperature can be reached 18 to 20 degree Celsius at night. It is located between 800 to 1000 meters from land. Our cottages it selves placed besides the manmade lake. We take pride in offering our guests in the best experiences as possible.

We believe Danau (Lake) Dariza Resort-Hotel is a great hotel in Cipanas, Garut, West Java, should offer more than a good night’s sleep, and we take pride in offering you the best of everything among hotels - great Island Café with traditional and international cuisine and take in the beauty of our natural architectures surroundings, while relaxing next to our three outdoor pools.

Our luxury 38 meters heights water boom with cold water swimming pool is one of the most favorable for the guest, and sulphur hot water pool as well as children pool is available to comfort your stay. We pamper you with pool bar in between pools.

Selected way to escort guest to their rooms, by canoes, by walk, or by traditional Bataknies motorcycle, calls “becak Medan”. Relax in spaces traditional guestrooms offering stunning views from a private balconies or terraces, completed with four different styles of bathroom. Living room and private Jacuzzi is available for special suite rooms to comfort your stay.

Many kinds of water bicycles, such as Swan, Penguin, and Shark are available to fulfill your recreation. Enjoy our comfortable atmosphere, especially in the morning by sightseeing Tradition Indonesia Houses Architecture in 100 meters jogging track. Fishing area with much different type of fish is available next to a playground. Impeccable service and variety facilities greet you at every turn. It should be a new experience that delights your sense.

No matter how you spend your time, our professional staff is on hand to assist you any way possible, to ensure your stay in our NATURAL RECREATION WITH HOSPITILAZE “NUSANTRA” PANORAMA as perfect as possible.

An extraordinary experience awaits you at Danau (Lake) Dariza Resort-Hotel. Booked today and chosen Danau (Lake) Dariza Resort-Hotel, we assure you the best stay among hotel in Garut, West Java.

Local Attractions

Kuda lumping dance, is one of our local attraction, this is a famous traditional dance with man made horse come from West Java.
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